As I lay next to you I feel the warmth of your skin. I feel you breathing, I feel you heart beat and a electric shock goes through my body. I reach for your strong arm, take your hand and glide it down my body. I feel my pussy start to throb, the thought of your body against mine is over whelming. I feel your hand slowly slide down my hips and I start to feel your fingers caress my clit. My body shakes with every touch from your strong hands.. I’m yearning to feel you inside me.


About me.

I’m a 37 year old willing Sex Slave. I’m in a mutual Dom-Slave relationship with my Master. I live only to serve him when commanded.

Her first punishment.

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She got aggressive today. I had to smack her ass to remind her of her place, and told her since she was a good girl with her first command that I didn’t know if I should punish her or not. After going outside and smoking a cigarette I decided that I did want to punish her. She is to call for me when she is done in the shower for the training tonight. Right after she is out, I will call for her to present herself,(all fours, head down, ass up, legs spread, and ankles crossed )where I will plug her ass. She is to be plugged whike she is finishing getting ready, and for the duration of her training tonight till I decide to fuck her ass. All three of her holes are going to be cumbuckets to night. I hope she is prepared.

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The beginning.

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Today begins our journey. Today begins her training.

How do I start? I guess by saying this is my first time being in a Dom-Sub relationship. I’ve always kind of knew I wanted to be dominant, but never found the right woman to bring it out. I recently got married to my Kitty. And she was the one that made me realize that I have to become dominant, I’ve felt restricted all of my life. She kept on bringing it out of me when we had sex, but I keep on restricting my self not to go to far, I didn’t want to scare her.

I was scared to bring it up, I didn’t want to scare her. So I start dropping hints about what I wanted, and then drew up a contract to have her read. Her reaction? Overwhelmingly positive. I felt revived. And I’ve never felt better.


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